Virtual Assistants for Wholesale Sourcing

Virtual Assistants for Wholesale Sourcing

One of the pains of the wholesale business is product sourcing.  I have encountered many clients asking for help with regard to sourcing products online.  As a business owner, these small repetitive tasks should be delegated to an assistant.  Even if you have a few hours a day to source it yourself, the wholesale business model is always a numbers game. You are not making enough attempts if you are just sending ten emails per day.  It is a must to send at least one hundred emails a week.  I am not kidding.  It has been shared by some business owners that they have 1-3% success in having an account with brand owners/manufacturers.


What you need is to scale and in order to be efficient, you need virtual assistants for wholesale sourcing.  This is a must if you want to be ahead of the game.  Scaling your effective method in sourcing is the key for more accounts.  Will you getting all those accounts, no.  Will you be having profitable products with all those accounts, no… but it will surely increase the probability of having quality accounts with actual profitable line of products.

Its not 1999 anymore

You completed the course of The Wholesale Formula, and a result of knowing the methods presented, you are now ready to apply it.  I can tell you right now, you can do it yourself or your can hire someone who can help you accomplish this mundane task.  It is not anymore 1999 wherein there are few competition and easy to have everything.

Virtual Assistants for Wholesale

In conclusion,  if you are decided to shell out a few more bucks for virtual assistants to help you reach your goals, you may need to consider an virtual assistant to help you with your business.  I will be posting series of blog posts regarding this subject matter for you to focus on what is really needed to be taken care of by you and not be stuck with JUST product sourcing.


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