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Branding Is Dead

Branding Is Dead

If you are an Amazon seller, you know it boils down to customer experience and how they share their experience via reviews.  This means an even playing field for small brand owners competing against big household brands in the Amazon platform.  One example is, Famous Household Brand A sells a well known product for $50.  It’s parent company has more than 50 years in existence and that they are really well known to consumers, has huge number of 5 star reviews on Amazon and has been selling for the longest time.  Another not-so-famous-brand company offers the almost exact product with a huge number verified 5 star reviews on Amazon but it costs only $35.  More than likely, to some consumers, the $35 product is a better option.  Why? Because it has a low price, same amount and level of reviews in Amazon… it is a no brainer.

Branding is Dead

At least for Amazon, it is.  People don’t search for famous brands anymore in the Amazon platform.  What they look for is a reliable product with great review and excellent customer service.  If you obtain these, then you are one step closer to your goals for your product.

The Future: Brand Building, Position and Market Shares

Is it possible for your brand to be well known someday? In the Amazon platform, it may not matter anymore, but outside its huge economy, your product brand outreach is still a vital part of your company’s success.  This is where your company should focus outside Amazon.  There are many traffic sources where you can find different kinds of demographic.  One example and the most extensive traffic sources is Facebook.  It is reported that Facebook has 1.8 billion monthly active users worldwide according to this study, making it the most popular social network worldwide.  Now if you want your brand to be exposed online, these types of online traffic sources should be on your list.

Too Much on your Plate?

If you still think that brand outreach to these types of traffic is vital to your success, it should be on your list.  It is definitely not a walk in the park, that is why Lulu Media is here to assist you on your online brand presence. Connect to us in Facebook and let us do the legwork for you and your company so you can focus on other vital aspects of your business.